GOLD Bootstrap3.3.6

The latest version of Bootstrap, made beautiful with the Golden Ratio.

Design like nature intended.

Bootstrap and 1.618

GOLD Bootstrap applies the 'golden ratio' value to the original Bootstrap Framework. Artists, architects, and mathematicians believe this divine proportion (approximately 1.618) is the natural blueprint for beauty. It can be seen in seashells, solar systems, ancient architecture, and even throughout the human body.

Every Bootstrap Component. Now GOLDEN.

Bootstrap Golden Ratio Code

By cleverly changing Bootstrap’s line-height property, the Golden Ratio automatically gets applied to virtually every Bootstrap Component. This means tables, forms, and navigation are now divine and golden.

GOLD Heading Scale

Bootstrap and 1.618

Heading sizes that are all based on multiples of the Golden Ratio? Yes, please. That’s what you get with GOLD Bootstrap. Just use the standard h1 through h6 tags and show the world your divinity.

GOLD Grid System

Bootstrap and 1.618

Wondering how thick to make that sidebar? Stop wondering. Just use the included CSS classes .col-gold-lg and .col-gold-sm . They follow the same naming you’re use to in Bootstrap. It couldn’t be simplier.

Your design. Now good as GOLD.